Plans for the future

In 2020 we developed a masterplan brief for Aireys Inlet Community Garden – CG3231 to provide a strategic approach for future development of the garden.

The masterplan has 6 key objectives:

1. To create a more welcoming entry.
2. To improve storage for garden equipment, materials, tools and furniture (i.e.,chairs and tables for events).
3. To create a clean, fit for purpose shed to accommodate office and kitchen functions.
4. To develop a versatile social gathering space which enables both smaller and larger gatherings in all weather conditions.
5. To plan for improvements to existing garden beds and infrastructure where needed
6. To maintain the philosophy of the garden.

From the development of the brief we then formulated a concept plan which provides us with a clear direction for how the garden will develop into the future. Please don’t expect changes overnight this is a medium to long term plan!

Feel free to check out our plans for the future – Community Garden Concept Plan